Elaine Mitchell
July 4, 2016

Elaine Heraclea Aligno Mitchell

Elaine Heraclea Aligno Mitchell of Chatham, VA died at home in the arms of her loving Husband of 44 years, Fred A. Mitchell Jr., and went to Heaven on Monday, July 4, 2016, after a decline in health for two years.

A beautiful Daughter, she was born on a Wednesday in Cebu, Philippines.  She was the 14th of 15 children of her loving Father, the late Aniano Aligno and of her loving Mother, the late Romano Heraclea Palong.  She lived her life to the fullest in different places.  She worked extra hard all her life until April 2014.  From then until she left us, she was just able to supervise.  She enjoyed her life alongside her loving Family and loving Friends.  She loved doing many activities, especially going to Church, cooking, baking, crocheting, going for rides, working in her many flower gardens, watching T.V., watching and playing with her 4-legged Family members, and praying for everyone around the world.  She was a devout Catholic, lastly attending Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Danville, VA.

In addition to her Husband, she is survived by her 8 children:  Son, Dionisio “Dee” Rosario and wife Robyn Krieger; Daughter, Theresa “Terry” Rosario; Son, Joseph “Joe” Rosario; Daughter, Alexandra “Alex” Lucas and husband Chris; Daughter, Cecilia “Cissy” Azinger; Son, Anthony “Tony” Rosario; Son, Jerry Encarnación; and Daughter Christina “Chris” Encarnación.  A special Niece, Linda Montecillo; 6 Grandchildren: Danielle Lara Rosario; Olivia Jade Horner; Matthew “Matt” Clark; Joshua Encarnación; Brandon Azinger; and Jacob Encarnación.  2 Great-Grandchildren: Kyle Santos and Justin Santos.  Four 4-legged outside babies: our loving Dog Molly Mae and our loving Cats: Jerry; Jacobella; and Chris.  A loving Best Friend of over 30 years, Faye Haskins; and loving dear Friends: Jane Pfeiffer of over 40 years; Gerry and Terry Flaherty and Family of over 40 years; Vernel Hodnett of over 30 years; the Madejas Family and Elaine Taylor, both of over 10 years, and a myriad of other loving Family and loving Friends near and far including adorable little ones who made her smile:  Avery Butterworth and Emma Butterworth; Trinity Moser and many more little ones, also including Flora Tabbada; Erin Presley and Family; Glenda Hyler; and Mary Massie.

In addition to her parents, she was preceded in death by 14 loving Siblings and many other family members mostly in the Philippines, as well as in California, Virginia, and Colorado.  Also respectfully including her first Husband Dionisio “Don” Rosario and her precious childhood Forever Friend and Co-Madre Perfecta “Ping” Jackson.

She was an Angel on earth and now an Angel in Heaven.  She was our Blessing and still is.  She is already missed dearly and will be missed every second of each day and each night.  We love you very much always and forever.  Thank you God for her!

The Family is receiving Family and Friends at 1440 Mitchell Rd., Chatham, VA  24531.

Pastor Curtis English sweetly conducted her special graveside service at 2 pm on Thursday, July 7, 2016.  Pastor Jonathan Goertz will respectfully be conducting the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass that will be offered for the repose of her soul at a later date.

Scott Funeral Home in Chatham, VA is the best funeral home because they took care of her so sweetly, and respectfully. All of us, including her, offer heartfelt Thanks to Mr. Barry Meadows, Mr. Rickie Rowles, and Mr. Will Scott, who were all so patient, so helpful, so caring and loving to us and for our concerns.