Lee Pye-Block
July 23, 1928
April 29 , 2015

Leatrice Pye-Block

Leatrice A. Pye-Block, 86, of Ocala, passed away on April 29, 2015. She is predeceased by her first husband, Clayton Sherman Kennedy who passed away in 1949; 2nd husband, Forrest Henry Pye who passed away in 1998; and 3rd husband, James Block who passed away in 2009. She is also predeceased by her son, Clayton Kennedy, who passed away in 1994.

She is survived by her sons, Stephen Kennedy (Shirley), Forrest Jack Pye (Michelle) and Michael John Pye (Angela); daughters, Melissa Jean Garcia (Richard), Melody Renee Satterwhite (Ronald) and Cheri Lee Potts; grandchildren, Matthew Pye, Nicole Pye, Richard Garcia Jr. (Caroline), Kylie Garcia, Skylar Garcia; Jennifer Woodson (Chad), Amber Satterwhite, Dean Satterwhite (Theresa), Steven Brown, Shawn Potts, Tyler Pye, Hannah Marie Pye, Micah Pye and Jordan Pye and great-grandchildren, Cooper James Woodson, Avery Lee Woodson, Waylon James Satterwhite, Jolie Beth Satterwhite and Kinsey Rae Satterwhite.

As I was walking in the air
I tried to figure where o where
Could I be walking in the air
I'm a natural born human I did so declare
But how in heaven could I walk in the air
Just past the gate all glittering with gold
Cause now I remember, once I was old
And then I passed through the
Glittering gold. Cause now I'm in
Heaven a beautiful place
To seek of his sunshine and walk a slow place
For walking slowly I'm able to see
The wonderful things he has here for me.
If you were in heaven what would you do?
Would you lay and be lazy, or do as I do.
Maybe you wouldn't try to reach this place
To know his wonders and speak of his grace
But if I were you, I'd do my best
To get into heaven and a great world of rest.

--Stephen Kennedy

Gerry and I called Lee and Jim our RV Mentors! We met them on our first trip out in our first RV in 2001, and we bonded with them. We met them at campgrounds all over the U.S. We met many members of their families and they met some of ours. Lee was a wonderful cook and fed everyone. (She made peanut butter tarts the first night we met.) We miss them both!