RV Spot
April 10, 2021

Welcome to our website - Full-time RVers for 19 years, we keep our family informed about the places we have been and who we have seen on our trips. The Search function on the Top menu can be used to find the cities or states we have visited.


We came back to The Rio Grande Valley for a month and soon will be heading back to Corpus Christi where Gerry has more visits with the dentist! Terry had her second COVID shot recently, so both of us are fully vaccinated. We are planning a short trip to Iowa to visit Vicki & Jim this summer between the rest of Gerry's dentist visits.

Terry is busy working with two authors on new books - with release dates to be determined for later this year. Updating the web has not been a high priority with so little going on. But we'll get there.

Just posted another new obituary for a friend we met here in The Valley 15 years ago, Genevieve (Jan) Bourque. We are still reeling from the death of our friend David Grassel who long time visitors to this site know as the owner (with wife Carol) of the beautiful Clydesdales. (Click on the Obits link at the top to see all obituaries.)

Please note that an index of names has been added to the main Obituary page to make them easier to find.

Cheers! Gerry & Terry

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