2021 Trips

Not many trips this year either! COVID is still an issue. Although things have opened up in The Rio Grande Valley more this year, it is not back up to what it has been in the past. We did not leave Texas until early December when we flew to California to meet Vicki and Jim and all spend time with Mike and Lisa and family..

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DEC 2021

DEC 2021

SEP/DEC 2021

JUN/SEP 2021

JUN 2021

APR/JUN 2021

JAN/APR 2021

Information and Pictures

Gerry's 80th Birthday at Glen and Jinny's.

Quick Trip to Lodi from Mike's.

A quick trip to Corpus with Charlie & Bev.

AC Problems - at Iron Horse.


We stay in Corpus because of the Pandemic.

Winter Texans in The Valley.