2020 Trips

We started the year wintering in the Rio Grande Valley with Charlie & Bev, with two short trips by car - one to Corpus Christi for a doctor appointment and one to Boerne for Robbie's wedding. In mid-March, we headed up to the base in Corpus Christi. Terry's broken wrist kept us in Corpus till June. Beyond that we stayed just because there was no where to go. We did drive up to Beeville to visit with Glen and Jinny several times or meet them somewhere.

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SEP 2020

Summer 2020

JUL-DEC 2020

APR-MAY 2020

APR 2020

MAR-JUN 2020

FEB 2020

JAN 2020

JAN-MAR 2020

Information and Pictures

Another Visit to Glen and Jinny.

Another great place for lunch.

We stay in Corpus because of the Pandemic.

Visiting Glen and Jinny.

Food, Social Distancing, and Masks!

Return to Corpus Christi

Robbie's wedding to Lorrie.

A quick trip to Corpus with Charlie & Bev.

Winter Texans in The Valley.