RV Spot
February 4th, 2018

Welcome to our website - Full-time RVers for 17 years, we keep our family informed about the places we have been and who we have seen on our trips. The Search function on the Top menu can be used to find the cities or states we have visited.

Last year we were not able to keep up our usual pace in making updates to the website. Once so far behind, it has been hard catching up - we are still not quite caught up. This update reveals a new look for 2017. Going back through the years shows how the style has evolved.

We also post obituaries of family and friends. Sadly, we've already added one for 2018 for Robert Carr, another for December for Yvonne Potts, a MILWIT friend, and for Blythe Schubert, a friend we made on our Ohio trips. Although the Obituary for Ron Woolsey from Pensacola is a year old, we only learned of his passing when we visited Pensacola in October. Ron was a friend from our first D.C. tour in the 1960s. We had reconnected two years ago after more than 40 years.

Thank you for visiting!


The year has not started on a good note for us. Gerry ended up in the hospital on New Year's Eve and 4 days later had his gallbladder taken out. Terry took a nasty fall and bruised her ribs. The RV has had several things that needed to be taken care of - right in the middle of the big freezes we had in the Hill Country. Then the car... But the worst is over and we are on the mend.

Cheers! Gerry & Terry

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