Florida Trip





 Info and Pictures
 St. Augustine, Florida MAR '03  Last of Florida Adventures
 Jacksonville, Florida MAR '03  Reconnecting with Someone Special
 3 Flags, Wildwood, Florida MAR '03  Saying Goodbye to Friends
 Cocoa Beach, Florida MAR '03  Visiting Tony, Sheila and Allyssa
 The Everglades MAR '03  It Covers Lots of Territory
 Del Ray Beach, Florida MAR '03  Visiting Harry & Selma
 West Palm Beach, Florida MAR '03  Visiting Paul and Penny
 Tamarac, Florida MAR '03  Visiting Warren & Harriette
 Miami, Florida MAR '03  Visiting Nancy & Nels
 Key West, Florida

Feb-Mar '03

 What a place!
 Naples, Florida

FEB '03

 Our 40th Anniversary
 Tampa, Florida FEB '03  MacDill Air Force Base
 Sarasota, Florida JAN '03  Another VERY Private Campground
 Wildwood, Florida DEC '02  Friends Anniversary at their RV Resort