July-December 2020

Corpus Christi, Texas

Who would have thought we would spend so much time in Corpus Christi after all these years. It just wasn't safe to travel, and Corpus was as good a place to stay as any. We were blessed to see friends occasionally, with masks and social distancing! Gerry got to play a little (very little) golf. We met Del and Connie for lunch when they drove up from The Valley for a day, and Jack and Sherrie, old friends in Corpus met us several times as well. Hurricane Hanna gave us a scare. We had to evacuate the base campground at the last minute - but were able to stay in the Navy Lodge and find a safe place for the RV.

Thanks to nephew Bob, who did all the research on a tow vehicle, we found exactly what he recommended. Gerry was not happy to give up our trusty Saturn - it has been such a reliable car. We made new friends, Tom and Boots, our neighbors on base. Carolyn and Wayne came down from New Braunfels to visit her niece Cyndie. We met them for lunch at Catfish Charlie's. Before Wayne could wrestle the ticket from the waitress she gave him a note that an anonymous gentlemen had already paid it. He'd noticed Gerry's Retired Navy cap! The next time they came down, we met them at Andy's Kitchen, and he bought the Saturn for a friend.