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Our First Trip

When we got the call that the RV was ready to be picked up, we headed back for Indiana.  Unfortunately, it wasn't ready when we got there and Fleetwood ended up putting us up in a motel in Decatur overnight.  They did a great job of fixing everything they were supposed to.  In fact they fixed a number of things, albeit small, that needed fixing and weren't on the list.  Dale and Denise at Kelly RV were going to take care of a few other things, including a scrape on a side panel and undercoating the coach.

An unexpected surprise was the return to Kelly's RV of Jim and Lee Block, the couple we first met when we arrived the first time.  We had enjoyed their company so much the first time we met them, but this time we really had a chance to get to know each other.  Jim had owned Bounders in the past and was quick to share his knowledge with Gerry, who was grateful for any and all information.  They both have such a wonderful attitude about life in general that they are a joy to be around.

Once the work was completed on the motorhome, we headed back to Texas with minimal stops along the way.  We decided that we didn't ever want to be in that big a hurry in the RV to get anywhere again.  


Dale & Denise Jim & Lee