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August 31, 2001 - Maiden Voyage of Our Bounder - (continued)


At our first campsite on the road, we had a bit of a problem getting the jacks down .  The light on the panel wouldn’t even come on, so we figured it was probably a fuse or something we were doing wrong.  We didn't want to put the slide out till the jacks were set.  Then we discovered another error on our part.  A narrow cabinet at the wall between the bathroom and living area is no longer accessible when the slide out is retracted.  That’s where we'd put all the manuals.

Purely by chance we ended up in a spot two sites away from another 1999 36S Bounder, so we took advantage of  the opportunity.   Murray Davis, the owner,  was more than willing to help.  He brought over his voltage meter - and we learned several things from him.  The slide out worked with the key on, so the manuals were once again available.  Terry rifled through all the paperwork to find the sheet on the jacks.  In order for the panel light on the  panel to even come on, the ignition has to be on and the parking brake set.  One additional condition can cause it not to work, and that is if the light has been turned on and left for 4 minutes without putting the jacks down. 

It just turns itself off and will reset.    So our problem turned out to be not so much of a problem, but we did learn a few additional things about the Bounder from Murray.   There is a rivet on the top right of his coach that worked itself loose and caused a screeching wind noise.  The rivet on ours was already starting to work loose.  He said that he also had to replace a piece of hose on the gas tank that had deteriorated.  So we’ll be on the lookout for that.  We had also been trying to find the fuse box that was supposed to be located “under the dash”.  We both tried to crawl underneath to look, but could not see anything that looked like a fuse box.  Murray just lifted the whole dash panel up and there it was.  We just never thought to lift it.

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