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September 3, 2001 

Monday, after a quick bite of breakfast in the RV, we headed out to Grantís Farm to see the Budweiser Clydesdales.  Open to the public with the only fee one for parking, it is quite a place.  A tram ride through the park showcases the various animals that live there, including some exotic ones, like the camels.  But the Clydesdales were our reason for visiting and we wasted no time in finding the stables just as a demonstration was getting underway.  Afterward, Gerry cornered Linda, the presenter.  He showed her our pictures of Dusty and J.P.  She introduced us to Karl, who had been a handler there the longest.  He remembered both Dusty and J.P.   J.P. was born there, but Dusty was born on the West Coast.  Karl took us through areas not normally accessible to the public.  We got to meet the newest foal, born just two weeks before and to see some of the older colts, with lots of opportunity for picture-taking.


New Baby Older Baby Gerry


From there we found the Budweiser factory, where there is another beautiful stable for more Clydesdales.  Although we started the regular factory tour, we never left the stables once we got there.  Jim Young was the only handler around, but he stayed and talked with us for quite some time.  His Dad had been the supervisor out at Grantís Farm and he actually grew up there, working in various positions.  He also remembered J.P. and Dusty and when they were sold. 

The stables there are really beautiful both inside and out.  Walkways meander along flowering beds and and the stalls inside are ornate and the stable is adorned with spectacular stained glass windows.  Two Budweiser wagons are displayed inside the center section as well as many of the harnesses that have been used by the hitch teams.  Annie and Amber, two small dalmations, have the run of the place.  Skipping the rest of the tour, we met our group back at the hospitality center for a sample of the brew before heading back downtown to the Arch.