RVing Background

Since we didn't intend to head out of town until after the New Year, we planned to take our time finding just the right motorhome. We did not buy the first one we looked at, but close. The Bounder we bought was from a private party who had lived in it while they built their dream home. What made it an easy choice was that it was one of our top three favorites - for a lot of reasons. The floor plan was one we liked best and the colors suited us. Besides, it had low mileage and was still under warranty. After having it checked out from top to bottom, we bought it. Making the next transition from a small condo to a 36-foot motorhome wasn't as traumatic as the move from a three bedroom home to a little condo. Cozy is the operative word.

Our first trip was a quick one-month trip to Indiana to the Fleetwood factory for some warranty work.

One of the most unexpected pleasures of that trip to Indiana in September, 2001 was meeting Jim and Lee, who have become life-long friends. We found Lake Pointe Resort in the Texas Hill Country, our Home Park with Coast to Coast, thanks to their help. What a surprise - for both them and us - when they visited us at Lake Pointe for four days on their way out West. . . . More