RVing Background

Not only did Lee cook up a storm for us (there went the diet!), but they taught us to play Pennies From Heaven, a variation of a card game called Hand and Foot that we played each evening. This is the game many RVers play - often with their own variation on the rules. This time around the girls beat the guys. It was also a treat to show them the Alamo and the River Walk in San Antonio where they treated us to lunch at Mi Tierra's. Before we left for the West Coast, we were also treated to a visit from Joe and Dolores, long time Corpus Christi special friends. We drove to Gruene, to meet them at the Gristmill Restaurant.

Our 5-year plan was to spend the greater part of one year going up the West Coast, another doing the East Coast, the third year to visit the central states. Then we planned on going all across Canada from one coast to the other. The last year we wanted to spend in Alaska.  We did do all that (and have the pictures to show it!). Then we had to think about where we went from there. We ended up buying a brand-spanking new Winnebago diesel pusher when we returned from Alaska - and we have kept right on going. We love the diesel. The ride is so much smoother, and it drives like a dream. The turning radius is shorter, so it is also much easier to maneuver.

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