Forest City, Iowa



July 2007


Although we have been full time RVers for six years, we have NEVER been to a rally, but we made up for it this summer.  Now that we are Winnebago owners, we are members of the Winnebago-Itasca Travelers.  Not only that, but we are now full-fledged members of MIL-WIT.  MIL-WIT holds its annual rally the week before the big Grand National Rally (GNR) and we attended both.  What an experience!
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Folks have a choice of parking with their state or with the special groups.  A lot of the MIL-WIT members parked with the group, but quite a few others parked with their states.  They all came to Happy Hour and other events - most revolving around food of some kind.  We met lots of new people and had a ball.  Since our claim to fame is picture-taking, we took mountains of pictures and made CDs for whoever wanted them.  Besides getting to know Al & Billie better, we also got to know Wayne & Sheila.  We are hoping to join those two couples and Jack & Millie for a spring-early summer trip to the Maritimes in Canada.  The two weeks we spent there in 2005 whet our appetite for more. 

A Red Hat luncheon was a big event for the MIL-WIT ladies.  Some of us had to scrounge through the local antique stores and Salvation Army store to find something appropriate to wear.  Husbands were encouraged to escort their wives, have their pictures taken as a couple - and then leave.  Having our trusty camera handy, we got shots of a lot of our friends.