Near Vicki & Jim is a lake where the Corps of Engineers has several beautiful campgrounds.   For about 10 days, we lived close enough to be a part of their life.  Their backyard is lush and green and plays host to lots of little critters.  The patio is a favorite spot to just hang out and listen to music.

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Our Spot Hanging Out Vicki & Mom At Work

Gerry cannot stay put very long without looking for projects to do.  Vicki found a little tree-trimming, some plumbing and painting and managed to put everybody to work.  Among other things, we prowled the mall where we enjoyed watching ice skating, and even caught the tail end of an outdoor concert downtown by a local high school band.

Trees Cutting it Paint More Paint at Mall at Concert

Note: We also took Vicki with us to Hawkeye, Iowa, where Gerry's father was born.

           February 22, 2004 Obituary Information on Terry's cousin Dolores Gagnier.