September 2018

Family - Visiting Jim & Vicki

Because we did not make advance reservations at the Dam Complex - and because it was during a football weekend, we had to move the coach 4 times to different spots. Thank Heavens it is not a problem for us - after 17 years, we have the process down pat. This visit was a bit different also because at the moment, both Vicki and Jim are retired. We had lots of things, including Turas Publishing's latest book(s) sent to their house, so the first order of business was preparing a bunch to ship and getting them to the Post Office. Nice to have all the room we had in their basement - as opposed to doing it in the RV like we usually do. Vicki went with us to see what was going on downtown, and she also hosted an evening of her ladies' group. Terry, who had met the ladies before on another trip, was invited to join them for a great evening of food and friendship. Vicki also joined us for a quick trip up to Cedar Rapids to take Gerry's niece Jody to lunch at Cheddars. It had been a long time since the two cousins last saw each other.

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