June 2011

Family - Visiting Vicki & Jim

We got to Vicki's several days early, only to have Terry have a terrible episode of vertigo that scared everyone. So our time with Vicki and Jim afterward was quiet so Terry could rest and recuperate.  After three weeks of double vision, she was on the mend. There was quite a bit of debate to cancel Terry's Adult education class at the University the following week.  Instead, she collaborated with Vicki, changed the room setup to a gathering around a conference table, and Vicki interviewed her mother based on the material she planned to present so that she did not need any notes. The presentations in Ohio were about James Ball Naylor. This one was Terry's story of how she came to write about him.  We enjoyed lots of quiet evenings on their beautiful deck overlooking a yard in full bloom, wonderful discussions over lunches and topped with a Fathers Day dinner at our house before we left for Forest City.

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