April 2019

Bandera, Texas

Former MILWIT friends Jack & Millie and Wayne & Sheila planned to be in Bandera right when we were heading back to Boerne, so we met them at the same campground we had been to for a rally. Both are now the proud owners of Allegro motorhomes, so cannot be in MILWIT (Winnebago) anymore. We were stationed with Jack & Millie in the D.C. area several times, so we go back a long way. We took them up to Boerne to see the horses and our spot there. There is a funny story about Wayne's license shown below. When they went into Canada, the border patrol practically tore their motorhome apart, but didn't bother any of the other folks in their party. When Wayne asked why they chose him, they pointed to the license plate. Then he explained that he had been a submariner in the U.S. Navy. He wasn't taunting them about hiding anything in his motorhome.


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