July 2019

St. Joseph, Missouri

Who knew there was so much to see in St. Joseph? Gerry grew up in Jamestown, North Dakota - it was home to the State Hospital (for the insane), and several in his family worked there. So the Glore Psychiatric Museum was especially interesting. It is hard to believe what was done to those patients in the name of treatment! An aficianodo of all things Wild West, the Jesse James Home was also quite interesting, with lots of information about the man and his gang and his family. The Patee House was an absolute surprise. It is jam-packed with all sorts of artifacts and treasures. We spent all day there. The Pony Express Museum was another treat, and we both learned a lot of things we did not know about the Pony Express and the men who rode for them. The Walter Cronkite Museum, housed on the campus of the Missouri Western State University, covered his career well. We were surprised to learn that he was one of NASA's 40 potential candidates to be the first journalist to go into space; however, teacher Christa Mcauliffe was chosen for the mission instead of a journalist. Our time in St. Joseph was well spent!.