September 2019

Branson, Missouri

We have not been to Branson in a very long time. Charlie got us hooked up the the folks at the Escapee park there. The city has really grown since we were last there. We walked the big new outdoor mall, watched a great water show there, and had lunch in one of the restaurants on the water. Dick's 5 and 10 Cent Store on the main street had everything imaginable.

Charlie wanted to see the tribute show to ABBA - we had no clue who they even were, but sure did recognize a lot of their songs. We had seats in the very front row. One of the ladies sat on Gerry's lap and rubbed his head. The tall good looking Aussie later sat on Terry's lap and sang to her. Another evening we went to a Tribute to John Denver starring James Garrett, an old friend of John's. We saw the last show John Denver did before he died - in Corpus Christi. The guy did not try to sound like him, just played his music. My favorite was Matthew - written for his uncle who mentored him. The Dutton Family always puts on an energic show - so many family members now - including a whole new talented generation of them. The Rick Thomas Show was a definite favorite. As an illustionist, he was phenomenal. Much of his act is ad-libbed because he brings up audience members, and you never know what they will say or do. He was hilarious. His grand finish was making a full-sized helicopter disappear.


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