February 2019

Springfield, Illinois

WOUB-TV, a public television station in Athens, Ohio, has been airing a series of Our Town type documentaries for the last five years that are produced by emmy-award-winning producer/cinematagrapher Evan Shaw. This year he is doing one on Morgan County, Ohio, where James Ball Naylor lived his whole life. Among the folks Evan interviewed were Terry, and Rich Walker, the author of Theft of Ohio 1783-1795, published by Turas Publishing. Rich is also now a close friend of ours. He grew up in Stockport, Ohio, the locale of James Ball Naylor's 1901 best seller, Ralph Marlow. Terry flew up to Springfield for the interviews that were done in Rich's home. Evan drove in from Ohio to do them. The documentary will have its premier at the Opera House in McConnelsville on March 24th at 3:00 pm and will air on Monday evening on WOUB-TV.


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