August 2019

Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Another sad, sad story. Our check engine light kept coming on, so we took it to Truck Country, a Freightliner shop in Cedar Rapids, not far from Vicki and Jim's. Turns out the Actuator is the problem, but the bigger problem is that it is inside the turbo in the engine, so big $$$ to replace. Then they found the manifold was cracked and that had to be replaced as well. Before we complain too loudly, we remind ourselves that we have had this coach since 2006 with NO serious engine problems before the incident with the leaking coolant on our way out of Texas. So instead of complaining, we are counting our blessings. The extended warranty paid a big chunk of it, and it is now running better than ever. The folks at this shop definitely know what they are doing! We also had a 2-day break, staying in a hotel. A "care" package from Vicki included flowers, a glass of wine, a can of beer, and lots of munchies. Still, there is no place like home and your own bed!!


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