September 2015

Port Angeles, Washington

Because it was already late in the summer, we headed straight up to Port Angeles from Oregon, figuring we could then take our time heading back down through Washington and back through Oregon. Although we usually park in Tim's front yard, we opted to stay in a campground where we could plug in to electricity in case we needed heat during the night (and we did). Mostly, we just hung out. We taught Tim and Gael how to play Spicey Farkle and spent a few hours playing. We drove around the area with them - went up to Hurricane Ridge (it was pretty chilly up there), over to Forks, and took the ferry over to Victoria to introduce Tim to some of our Canadian cousins. But mostly, we enjoyed each other's company. We did a LOT of laughing - it was a fun time. It had been more than five years since we'd seen them at Lindsey's wedding in 2009! Too long!

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