September 2015

Lakeview, Oregon

Lisa is Gerry's great niece - her Mom is Carol in Roseburg. She is also Cheyanne's aunt. In fact we were in Lakeview when we heard the news about the shooting in Roseburg, never imagining that something so terrible could hit so close. We visited Lisa in Montana in 2004. That was the last time Terry was on a horse. Her hip locked up and she couldn't get off. We were all laughing and Terry was laughing and crying. It took nearly half an hour to figure out how to get her off. We had to tip her back on the saddle and have her stretch her legs out in front, then turn her crosswise, then flip her over onto her tummy on the saddle so she could drop down and off. Everyone was too busy helping or laughing to get photos of that!! Lisa is now married to an Oregon cowboy who runs a huge cattle operation. Our timing was not the best, as they had to head up to Roseburg to help Carol move on the weekend, but we had a couple of nice evenings together.

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