September 2014

Terry Releases a New Book

Terry just finished the fourth book in her Tribute Series to James Ball Naylor. The Misadventures of Marjory, is Naylor's eighth and final novel and the only one he wrote in first person female. This one is very special to us because the cover illustration was done by our very own granddaughter, Jillian Flaherty. Marjory Dawes, the main character, is the age of his oldest daughter when he wrote it. She is a delightfully controversial and headstrong young woman. Much too pretty for her own good, Marjory brings out the protective instinct in men. While away at a secretarial school she discovers that her older brother plans to marry. Annoyed that someone else has ursurped her long-held spot in his affections, she rushes home to stop the wedding. When she cannot, she runs off to Columbus to start a new life. One misadventure after another ensues as she meets some very interesting characters and finds romance along the way. For more details check out our Turas Publishing website.

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