January-June 2014

Boerne, Texas

We settled in at Boerne for a long haul. Being around the horses again has been a great joy, but we are sad that some of them have died. There are two young Clydesdales, though. Amber came from Las Vegas to scrap with Carol in the new guest house/craft house and the three ladies had a fun week making cards. Terry spent several intense weeks using the office near the barn organizing her research material on James Ball Naylor - we hope to make it to Marietta, Ohio this summer to donate the material to the Legacy Library at Marietta College. Naylor attended the Maritta Academy in 1879 and in 1937 the college there awarded him an honorary degree of Doctor of Literature. It seems a fitting resting place for the material. A trip over to Lake Pointe to visit old friends and to see Joe and Dolores at their nearby timeshare was a treat. Gerry's eye surgery went well, but it was a challenge to stay face down 24/7. By the way, you can walk and sit with your face parallel to the floor, so there was a certain amount of mobility. Until he sees the surgeon, we can't make any plans.