November 2013

San Diego, California

We did not get to see Bert's husband Darrell before he died, so we were anxious to spend some time with Bert and hoped to get a chance to see their son Danny. We did! On early tours of duty, we were stationed together - first in Okinawa and then on Guam. What a great time! We enjoyed spending time with Bert's friends Margie & Jerry, whom we had met before. We did take one day by ourselves to play tourists - and we reconnected with Chris & Cheri, old friends from Corpus Christi (but did not get photos!) and with Bob & Mike from Gerry's very first duty after leaving Boot Camp. Gerry's niece Charlene owns Marble Works in downtown San Diego, and we spent time with her and Jim as well. We also got to see Chris and Barbara's beautiful new home and spend some time with them. Another highlight was the opportunity to meet David and his sister Nancy - descendants of James Ball Naylor.