October/November 2012

Corpus Christi, Texas

Maggie's son, Lucas, has grown like a weed since we left. He talks up a storm, but best of all, his face lights up with the sweetest smile when he sees Terry. We went with Maggie to watch him at his gymnastics class. On the golf course we ended up playing a round with a gentleman whom we were tickled to discover was the chaplain at the hospital Gerry was taken to right before he retired in 1993 when he had what we thought was a heart attack. Gerry remembered him well. Later in the week we visited the chaplain and his wife out at the Island where they were staying.

Bill and Pearl were in town for a quick visit to Bill's dentist, and we got together for lunch. They both look wonderful. This winter they will be staying in Biloxi instead of Port Aransas, so we won't see as much of them. Terry was reminded of her (computer) DOS days back when she was doing Clipper programming. Not one, but two customers had special requests of her. Larry, a former Marine, rewarded her with a bottle of JARHEAD RED! She had to find an old computer to compile the programs. How times have changed! We also made a quick trip to our dentist in Mexico for a root canal. We met another Raul and his wife who were also waiting to get in. He is a master model shipwright and does beautiful work. Check out his work at Guzman Ship Models.

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