March 2012

On the Road - Texas to Georgia (the long way)

Our first venture down the road this year was not exactly what we hoped or expected. We caught a bug as we were leaving Texas that really flattened us both. Gerry managed to drive and Terry managed to navigate, but we both slept and slept and slept. A breakdown on the Kansas Turnpike, though devastating, was not as bad as it might have been. With the generator available, we were able to watch a little TV as we waited at the side of the road for a repair truck. Turns out it was the alternator. When we pulled into Iowa City, we were too sick to even see Vicki and Jim, but we did have a nice visit with them on our return trip after Forest City where the leak that caused a bubble in the side of the RV was repaired. We made two quick stops along the way - once in Springfield, Illinois to have lunch with Rich and Lori. Then, when Terry discovered how close we were coming to Cincinnati, Ohio, where her sister lives, we stopped for a long lunch with Barbara. An overnight stop in Gaffney, South Carolina, at Freightliner took care of our annual maintenance on the coach. Then on to Thomasville, Georgia, to settle in a few days before the MILWIT rally begins, logging in 3,000 plus miles to get here!

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