March 2011

Tampa, Florida

Tampa, specifically McDill Air Force Base, is one our favorite spots in Florida.  Gerry loves it because the FamCamp is between two golf courses and there is always someone to golf with.  Terry loves being able to walk on the beach there.  MILWIT friends, Bob and Juanita (who happens to be an author also), lives near the base, and we were able to get together with them more than once.  By chance, they were meeting some of their dearest old friends for dinner one evening, and those old friends were a couple that we met at the MILWIT Central Rally in Kansas last fall.  So we all got together.   We also made it over to see Jack and Millie in Lake Wales and played some golf with them.  While Gerry and Jack played, Millie and Terry visited Bok Tower.  Al and Billie live nearby and joined the four of us for dinner the evening we were there.  A shipment of Terry's book arrived, so we spent a good bit of time working as well.   Lee, half of the team that we called our RV mentors, moved up to Ocala from Sarasota.  It's been two years since Jim died and we all miss him still.  We took a day and drove up to see her.

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