January 2011

Lodi, California

We made a quick trip to Lodi to visit Gerry's siblings and other family members. There is never enough time and we get so engrossed that we forget to take pictures of everyone. We did catch a few, brother Don and his wife Lena, Nephew Rick and Jill and Sam, his twin daughters who are seniors this year at UC Davis, Nephew Jon who had just closed on his first home. We stayed with Sandy, Gary, and Richard, and rang in the New Year with them. Richard will be heading off to Sacramento State later this month. We also got to see Terry's friend, Terry B who is also a fairly new home owner. Luckily we headed back to Mike's earlier than planned because it started to snow as we headed up the Grapevine. We got over the summit at 12:10 and at 12:30, I-5 was closed for 21 hours, stranding lots of motorists. Thank Heavens we were not among them!!

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