August/September 2010

Malta/McConnelsville, Ohio

Malta, just across from McConnelsville, was home to James Ball Naylor, the subject of Terry's book.  This time we went just to tie up loose ends and see if we could find additional photos that we might use as illustrations.  Jim, our Columbus friend, is from a small town not far away.  So he made a weekend trip home and stopped in to see us again.  We did a lot of driving all around the area, and the Morgan County Fair started about the time we had planned to leave, so we extended our stay another week.  There were lots of exciting things going on at the fair, a horseshow, tractor pulls, harness racing, bull riding, and some kind of stock truck contest that was not quite a demolition derby, but close.  It was nice to see some of the folks who have been helping Terry with her project, Blythe at the library, Betty White at the historical society, Sara at the McConnelsville Herald, and Greg and Ellen, the couple who live in Elmhurst, the former home of Naylor.