January - June 2010

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Corpus Christi, Texas

We managed to survive a VERY wet couple of months.  For a while we thought we might have to float out.  With spring in the air and lots of sunshine, everything has dried out and it is beautiful out here.  The Clydes still have the run of the property, and we do enjoy watching them.  Because of Gerry's surgery, we did not make it to the Rio Grande Valley this winter.  But several couples stopped by on their way back home, Jimmy & Janelle, Ira & Jan, and Charlie & Della all came through (at different times).  This year we have an exciting new addition, a colt was born and he is so precious.  In just minutes he was up on his feet and walking.  It has been fun watching him grow.  Amber flew out from Las Vegas for a long weekend of cardmaking at Carol's and that is always fun for the girls.