Last updated 12/26/2009  

San Diego, California


Our week in San Diego came and went way too quickly.  We did take a harbor cruise and were very impressed with how clean both the city and harbor were.  It was great to see Charlene and Jim and Charlene's mom, Betty, a couple of times.  Both Robby and his wife Mike are recuperating, so we took lunch to them and spent an afternoon catching up.  Robby was one of the first guys Gerry worked for out of Boot Camp.  He and Mike opened their home and their hearts to Gerry nearly fifty years ago! 

Bert & Darrell, long time friends from several early Navy tours, brought their motorhome down to Admiral Baker Field where we were parked.  Their daughter Trisha and her family, husband Chris and son Kevin, joined us for dinner a couple of times as well.  We spent some time in Old Town, and over the holiday weekend, we went to a local casino and played Bingo.  We won just by sitting at a the same table as a lady who actually Bingo'd.  She won $5,000 and they split another $5,000 with the other 21 people at the table.  Not a bad way to win!  And Gerry also got in a round of golf!

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