Last updated 10/03/2009  

Pasadena, California


Luckily we were in southern California long enough to connect with our friend Kathy.  Finally got to meet her oldest granddaughter Britany.  We were at her parents' wedding quite a few years ago.  Also met Nicole, a friend of Kathy and of her daughter Anne.  Kathy grilled shiskabobs on the grill for all of us.  We took a shortcut through Angeles Forest to get from Acton, where the RV was parked, to Pasadena.  The fires at that time were to the east.   By the time we left the area, the fires had moved to within miles of Acton.  The pictures below were taken from inside our RV parked in Acton.  Our car and the RV were covered with ash the day we left.  Many people just a few miles away were evacuating. 

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