December 2009


We flew into San Francisco at the end of December and spent two days with Chris and Barbara - the other grandparents to our grandkids - and special friends since our son Mike and their daughter Lisa joined in marriage.  The kids drove up to the Bay Area for the wedding but came early so we could all get together.  They live in Pacifica right by the ocean and just a short distance from their home is the beach shown in the pictures below.  Gorgeous scenery!!  We opted to just hang out together for the little time that we had.  Grandma (that's Terry) taught Jeremy some card tricks with some special cards.  He picked it up in a heartbeat and dazzled us all with his tricks. Jillian is still drawing up a storm.  The food was fabulous.  Chris and Barbara served a beautiful turkey dinner one night and lasagna the next night.  Too good!!  Mary, a longtime friend of the family, provided some really stimulating after dinner conversation about life growing up in Europe more than 80 years ago.   
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