Last updated 10/03/2009  

Brackettsville, Texas


Before we joined MILWIT we did not have a reason to stop at Brackettsville.  Now we know several couples who live at Fort Clark Springs, a 2700 acre gated-community owned and maintained by the Fort Clark Springs Association.  With over eighty historic buildings, Fort Clark is now privately maintained.  Besides a military museum, there are both 9-hole and 18-hole golf courses, a huge spring-fed swimming pool, nature trails, and many other amenities, including an art studio.  Besides an RV campground, there are permanent home sites for RVs and other residential housing.  Art & Gerrie, MILWIT friends that we met at a rally in Illinois, have an permanent home in the RV section.  Former residents of Corpus Christi, we have quite a number of friends in common there.  Gerrie is responsible for getting Terry started on the ladder yarn necklaces.

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