Last updated 06/02/2009  

Zion National Park, Utah


Our route took us right through Zion National Park.   On entering the park we discovered there was an extra fee ($15) because we were in an over-sized vehicle.  To navigate through the 3-mile tunnel through the mountains, the rangers had to stop traffic coming from the other end so we could drive down the center of the tunnel where the clearance was high enough to let us through.  We also had to unhook the tow car (combination was over fifty feet) and drive both vehicles through the tight switchbacks beyond the tunnels.  Terry immediately went into camera withdrawal until we reached our campsite, located in Springdale on the south side of the park.  The following morning we headed back into the park to the area accessible only via shuttles.  At each stop there were trails to follow, some a lot tougher/longer than others.  We opted for the shorter, easier trails and still managed to log several miles during the course of the day.  The scenery was every bit as spectacular as the Grand Canyon, Lake Powell, and Bryce Canyon - but very different.

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