Last updated 05/26/2009  

The Shuffle


Those of you who have known us for a long time know that Terry was a Techie from the first day she put her hands on a mainframe computer.  When she retired in 2001, she did not give up her computer, but she did cancel all her computer magazine subscriptions and she no longer keeps up-to-speed on technology that does not affect her directly.  With a cell phone and a computer and a camera, she is set!

When we got back to Lake Pointe in the Hill Country of Texas recently, we knew we needed to get out and walk.  Gerry thought Terry might be more receptive to walking farther if she was distracted - say with music as she walked.  Our Walkmans (or is it walkmen) got relegated to our storage space several years ago and we play music on the radio or on our CD player and occasionally on the computer.   So off to Best Buy we went.  Gerry figured she would want the biggest and the best iPod we could find.  Instead she fell in love with an iPod Shuffle.  It is a teensey little thing, but holds 1 gigabyte of storage, enough for about 250 songs.  A battery charge will hold for 10 hours of use.  It is the perfect tool for this situation.  Now if she would move her walking speed up from a shuffle to a hustle!!!