Last updated 06/04/2009  

Lodi, California


At a stop for breakfast in Jackpot, Nevada, we received a telephone call that affected our journey.  Gerry's brother Jim's wife Julia died.  Although part of Gerry's family, Terry claimed them as hers as well.  We continued on to the Air Force base at Mountain Home, Idaho, where we parked the RV and our towed car in the Family Campground and rented a car for the 650-mile drive to Lodi the next day.  All seven of Julia's siblings came for the funeral and Terry was on hand to provide  support to Sandy.  We did get to visit with Gerry's two brothers and two sisters, but it was not the best of circumstances.  In fact, we did not take many pictures, except of Julia's family.  But we will be in Lodi again with the RV later this summer.

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