Last updated 06/05/2009  

Kennewick, Washington


After our quick trip to Lodi, we returned to Mountain Home AFB in Idaho to pick up the RV and car and head for Gerry's sister Joyce's.  We arrived on Mothers Day in time to join a family gathering and meet Joyce's 9-month old great-grandchildren, twins Marcus and Makenzie.  Then we got to meet the new addition to Joyce's household, a feisty little 6-month old Jack Russell Terrier.  Gerry nicknamed him a Holy Terrier!  Actually, he is as cute as can be, just a bundle of energy.  He can jump five feet straight up in the air.  Gerry did his best to wear him down and by the third day he had settled down considerably.  We made a visit to Doug & Kathy's.  Kathy has a dog grooming business and boards some of her better-behaved clients at home when their masters are out of town. 

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