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Corpus Christi, Texas

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We rang in the New Year with Joe & Dolores - dinner and a movie - and dessert at Denny's where Millie & Lucy take really good care of us.  January also brought a very nice surprise.  Donald, a school chum (we are talking grade school here) of Gerry's stopped by overnight with his wife Donna on their way to the Valley.  After they parked their RV by the pump house, we gave them the grand tour, caught up on the latest news and then took them out to Cotton's for a real Texas barbeque. 

Another weekend, we went with David & Carol up to San Antonio to check out Andy, another Clydesdale.  While there we celebrated their anniversary and David's birthday.  David's sister Catherine joined us for a great evening.  In between we continued to see other friends in Corpus, like Kenny and Angie, Terry's friend Sherrie, Terri, and George and Linda.  Sisters Amber & Pauline came from Las Vegas to do some heavy-duty scrapbooking at Carol's.  They make thousands of greeting cards to send for the troups to send home to their loved ones.  Terry was invited to join them for four days of intense play.  Gerry joined them for evening meals  David cooked (or took us out).  Maggie's mother and aunt came for a visit and stayed on the property with Maggie (she's the caretaker).

On very short notice, David, cook extraordinaire, grilled hamburgers out at the property one Saturday and a diverse group of his friends and ours that included Joe & Dolores dropped by.  It was enjoyed by all.  Another time Charlie and Della stopped overnight on their way home to the Tyler area from the Valley.  Glen & Jinny made it down for a day to check out the two new Clydesdales (see Page 2).  Ruby & J.J., Winnebago MILWIT friends, also stopped on their way from the Valley.   And Peggy, a longtime Navy friend, finally made it out to visit and brought some friends.

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