Last updated 06/19/2009  

Brinnon, Washington


The Hood Canal Bridge was closed for several weeks, meaning that to get up to Port Angeles we had to take the long way around, via Olympia and on up the east side of the Olympic Peninsula.  This route took us right through Brinnon, where cousins Chuck and Linda have their summer place.  They time their vacation for when the tides are at their lowest so they can get way out on the beach where they get their limit of fresh oysters.  Linda deep-fried a big batch of really BIG oysters and some salmon, etc.  It was a wonderful meal.  E.T., Linda's parrot, entertained us.  She laughs just like Linda and it is hysterical when they both laugh.  E.T. was treated to a bath/shower and that was a sight to behold! 

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