Pohick Bay,  Virginia


October 2008


We usually stay at the campground at Quantico to visit friends in Dale City.  But for some reason (the Marine Corps Marathon), in October they are full.  We found a beautiful campground at Pohick Bay near Fort Belvoir where we used to  boat and ski. That was a very long time ago!  It is always interesting to see how much the area has changed in the (OMG!!) 19 years since we lived here.  The traffic is pretty much how we remembered it being.  There are lots more roads and shopping centers and housing developments.  The house we lived in on Lindendale Road is currently up for sale - but we did not even want to know what it is selling for now!   We managed to eat at lots of local places with Nancy - even went to her Block Party and hung out. 

The new Marine Corps Museum in Quantico is now open and we took an afternoon to check it out.  That nearly was not enough time to get through it all.   We also took Nancy down to see the new Pentagon Memorial.  The Pentagon Memorial has 184 illuminated benches (representing each victim) arranged according to their ages, from 3 to 71, in a landscaped nearly 2-acre site.   Each bench is engraved with the name of a victim. The benches representing the victims that were inside the Pentagon are arranged so those reading the names will face the Pentagon's south facade, where the plane hit; benches with victims on the plane are facing the opposite direction.

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