Lexington,  Virginia


September 2008


Lexington is a beautiful little city - home to the Virginia Military Institute, among others.  The draw for us was that Lorna lives not far away.  Gerry and Lorna worked together in the Navy Annex several times over the course of their careers and we stay in touch.  This time we had the opportunity to spend some time with just Lorna, and then another day we met a whole group for dinner in Roanoke after a wonderful concert by Mary McDonald at Bonsack Baptist Church.  Then before we left, we had one last gathering for coffee in downtown Lexington.  Lorna is a scapbooker, much more prolific than Terry ever thought of being.  We found a couple of choice old photos from the past we are sharing here. 

Needless to say that Virginia is horse country.  Much to Gerry's delight, we found a campground close to the Virginia Horse Center where a show was going on. 

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