Columbus,  Ohio


August/September 2008


These pictures are going to require a bit more of an introduction.  The beautiful little lady with us is Terry's half-sister!  We discovered her last year when we came through Columbus, but it was a very bad time.  Barbara's husband of 58 years was very ill and he died not long afterward.  Barbara had absolutely no clue about Terry.  In our seven years on the road we have done a bit of genealogy here and there.  Each time Terry has added a piece to the puzzle that eventually brought her to Barbara's doorstep.  Terry never knew her father, but discovered that he had been married before and had a family of 5 children.  His first wife died suddenly when their youngest child, a son, was 5 weeks old, and he was not able to keep his family together.  The boy was adopted at a year old and the four girls all went elsewhere to live.  We spent one wonderful day getting to know each other.  On Sunday, her daughter Kristi drove up and we got to meet her as well.  We've added lots of friends along the way, but this is a new wrinkle!  A very nice one!

While we were in town, Terry visited the Ohio Historical Society and the Ohioana Library again.  We also discovered COSI - billed as a Dynamic Hands-On Science Center.  It would have been so much more fun with grandchildren in tow!!

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