Rio Grande Valley, Texas


February 2008


Our trek to the Valley this year was just a bit earlier and a little shorter than the last two years, but a great time was had by all.  Fred & Patricia, neighbors of Charlie & Della, were new additions and we enjoyed getting to know them.  Della's cousin Dottie and her husband Ivan were there, and so was Ivan's brother, Ira and his wife, Jan.  Doug & Betty and Robert & Gail parked nearby.  Vicki & David stayed at a different park, but we got to see them.  We met up with Bill, an old shipmate of Gerry's and his wife, Pat, at Pepe's on the River, but we missed getting together with Del & his wife, Connie.  As usual, we had lots of get-togethers.  Ira & Jan made Cajun Jambalaya one night, Fred & Pat did a fish fry another night and others contributed to the meals.  We went out for several meals together at some of our favorite places, Granny's, Fat Daddy's, and Pepe's.  Charlie & Della had been looking at motorhomes and bought a diesel RV.  They took possession before we left, so we helped them move from their old one into the new one.  We made one trip into Mexico where our lady dentist in cleaned our teeth.
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