Thomasville, Georgia


March 2008


The MILWIT Central Rally is only our second rally ever.  We had such fun at the Grand National, where we first met a lot of the folks who came to this one.  We had an opportunity to tour the Lapham-Patterson House, the summer home of a wealthy family.  The father survived the Great Chicago fire and was very fire-safety conscious.  The house has 22 doors leading to the outside and numerous unusual safety features.  We stopped by the Great Oak Tree downtown.  The tree is 327 years old, stands 68 feet tall, with a spread of 162 feet and the trunk is 24 feet in circumference.  Another tour that most of the group of took was to the Pebble Hill Plantation.  The house was rebuilt for entertaining guests, many of whom came to hunt on the property.  One of the highlights of this rally was the food.  The rally hosts, Wayne & Sheila prepared two fabulous home-cooked meals in the clubhouse for our group of sixty-three.  A good time was had by all.
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