Scott Air Force Base,  Illinois


August 2008


We definitely had an ulterior motive in returning to Scott.  While we were here in June we put our name in for several drawings.  Guess what?!  We won 8 free rounds of golf - with a cart!!  How could we turn that down!  And it was kind of on our way to Ohio.   This time, on our first night in, MILWIT friends Bob & Diane invited us out to their home for dinner.  We met them at the Central Rally in June.  Mary, another MILWITer, joined us for dinner as well.  What a great welcome!  Gerry spent six days out on the golf course while Terry worked on the book, although we both played on Sunday.  The weather was absolutely perfect.  On one of the few days that Gerry did not play golf, we drove up to Taylorville to see Sharon & Tommy, also MILWIT friends.  And before we left, we went out to dinner with Bob & Diane at one of their local spots, making for a nice evening.
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