Lodi, California


January 2008


In Lodi, we visited Gerry's two brothers and two sisters and their families and a few nieces and nephews.  Terry's best friend (for more than 50 years - Oh My Gosh!!!) drove down from Sacramento to spend part of a day and then came back with her Mom another morning.  We stayed with Sandy & Gary & Richard (Richard gives up his waterbed for us).  No matter how long we stay, it just isn't long enough to do all the things we would like to do and see everyone we would like to see.  Terry did a little computer tech support for Sandy.  These days she is a little amazed that she still can.

Sister Ann, now the matriarch of the family, is going strong, still lives alone and takes care of herself.  Colleen & Bill are recuperating from health problems, but holding their own.  Don and Lena, now in their early 80's, are still going strong.  Jim is now in a care home, but he did know us and visit with us.  Julie, now recovered from her ordeal with a broken ankle and weeks in the hospital, is now in an assisted living home where they do the cooking and cleaning, but she would rather be back in her own home with Jim.  Jillian and Samatha, Rick & Wendy's twins, are now at UC Davis and Richard is at Delta Community College and all are doing well.  (How time does fly!) 

We went to a birthday party for 5-year old Jordan, Gary & Sandy's granddaughter and got to see her whole family, David (the Dad), Toni (the Mom), Sam & Ryland (her little brothers) and her aunts Lynn and Lisa.  We met the other grandmother (Toni's mother) and got the grand tour of the beautiful 50's style home they just bought in Lodi - where the birthday party was held.

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